Monday, November 20, 2017

Pantomiming as a Film Extra

                Pantomiming as a Film Extra

I recently applied to be an extra on a TV series, and I was called. The show was set in the American Colonial period. I was cast as a well-to-do English gent, sitting at a cozy table in a small Tavern with three other folks. None of us had previously met. Our job, along with a room full of other extras, was to silently pantomime a conversation, providing the visual background for the principal actors. So there we were, eye to eye, reading each other’s faces, reacting, interacting. Acting. Then after the "Cut!" command from the director, we could all relax and have a laugh or two, quietly, until we heard "Rolling! Background!" At which time we'd start again; and again, and again. Then when we heard, "That's a wrap!" it was time to go home, possibly never to see each other again. Other than our names, we hadn't exchanged anything meaningful. Or had we? I miss them.

There may be someone out there, that will cross your path, that needs to hear your words of hope. But first, they need you, just you, a Christ filled, warm blooded human being. They are a lost child.

Matthew 10:42 KJV

"And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward."

Waiting for the Storm to Pass

Waiting for the Storm to Pass

For the storm to pass
In quietness

Such is the way
Of the troubled mind
It’s simply
A matter of time

Out of gear, disengaged
The ignition switch is off
Yet overheated
The psyche motor still runs

Sputtering, Popping
Eventually the motor will die

Like the summer thunderstorm
No end in sight

Then giving way
To cool clean air
And clear
Open blue skies

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Flow The Blood The Nazarene

The Flow  The Blood  The Nazarene

Hidden quiet, striking
As though timed to kill
Venom subtly injected
I’ve wounded the honest open heart of a friend

Cruelty revealed
That venomous serpent
Hidden in winding tangles
Woven throughout a hardened core

But its my healing
Transpiring now
The viper is revealed
Cruelty's cycle is ceased

Pain shared in forgiveness
The flow of precious life
Beating from heart to unburdened heart
Alive, in the smiling eyes of a knowing friend

This is all sounding familiar now
The flow
The blood

The Nazarene

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Jesus Likes You

Jesus Likes You

There may be other folks out there like me, who know that Jesus loves them, but don't fully grasp the fact that he also likes them.

He wants to spend time with you, and help you grow. He enjoys being around you. He wants to be close to you. He likes you, here and now, and wants to stand with you, as your friend.

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My Peaceful Journey Home

My Peaceful Journey Home

I cling to my perceptions
But where will they be?
These pictures I see
When other truth enters my lonely soul?

Truth from beyond
A place I can’t see
Beyond my reach
Beyond my desperate grasp

I so long
To open my door
The door
Of my empty weeping soul

But the hidden pain
Too much to bare
I shall not
Acknowledge is there

But gentle
Is love, from the Devine
Taking the blind hand
Of the broken

Step at a time
In patient trust I’ll walk
On this
My peaceful journey home

Friday, November 10, 2017

At Home in The Dark

At Home in The Dark

I am at home in darkness, oh God
Yet you, are my light
No mystery escapes you
No evil, eludes in the night

But it seems that rather
Is what occurs within

When I simply trust you
Along this perpetual journey
Hills, valleys, night, day
Desert leads to oasis along this way

Ever present
Are you
Above, throughout
And inside you reside

Lighting my darkness
Dispelling preposterous pride
As by simple faith
I trust, at your side

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Light Speed

Light Speed

A gift from God truly
Is an open mind
To catch a glimpse of Einstein’s theory
Relative space and time

A scary proposition
Are these things unknown
Unless safe in the hand of the Maker
A cup of tea by the fire

Hurtling through space and time
Are we as we sit
Gazing into crackling embers
We can’t navigate, even one wit

We can only trust
In that which we don’t see
Trusting the master
In this flight through eternity

Yes we’re safe and sound
All is in control
Out of our hands
We simply must surrender

Trusting like children
Giving up our need
To ourselves make creation
Always perfectly rhyme

Making room for mystery
For that which we know
Would fit on a pin head
On an island far away

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

An Old Man’s Prayer

An Old Man’s Prayer

So where am I now?
And where have I been
I have strayed
Over the decades, on the way

I can see the kingdom
The freedom I knew in youth
But now a rigid remnant shell
Skeletal remains of love that has passed

Law is where I live now
Unable to give
Of the life
That left me long ago

Show me Oh God, how to love again
Open my scaled, vailed eyes
Free me from this shadow
This sleep

Shake me from my foundation
This ship sunken in dark watery grave
Deep in bitter sediment
Of hope deferred

Turn me around
To see you again
In timeless splendor

In the glory of the unreachable
To me
With those you have chosen

I’ll not give up, Oh God
I’ll not bow my head
Weeping in sorrow
Over that which is not lost

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Walking Home

Walking Home

Eternal souls
Strangers here we meet
Passing on this street

Silently trusting
Our paths crossing
But love quietly sleeps

With us He travels
My trappings He unravels
Pure love
Birthed beneath Bethlehem’s open skies

On this journey’s final leg
My status quo, letting go
His law of perfect liberty
Guiding my wayward proud heart

In faith I’ll walk
The way I know
He takes my blind hand

And leads me home

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Spiritual (Christian) Poems

The Hand of the Nazarene - A Poem

In The Village Market Square - Peace through broken surrender

Mr. Smith Modern Narrative Poem with a Christian message

The "Old Man" A poem about our struggle with our own humanity

Ozzie Poem with a Christian messsge with audio-video narration by Marlon Katsigazi

The Crutch - A short poem about realization and repentance as this growing believer deals with his own ego

Waiting for The Storm to Pass - Sometimes you just need to hang in there

The Locket - Short Poem about a lost soul, Christian

Growing Old - Poem of Surrender

In the Quietness - A short one for peace seekers

New Age Meets Old Age - A poem about the blinding effect of a churning mind

Light Speed - That which we know would fit on a pin head, on an island far away.

At Home In The Dark - A Poem of resign

The Flow The Blood The Nazarene - On wounding the heart of a friend

Walking Home - Like the bumper sticker, it's a strange journey sometimes

Lamenting - Sometimes we get a litle sad, dark. It's OK.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Short Stories

That Beautiful Hippie Girl Suspense,romanceaction

Young Dezzie - Before she bacame "That Beautiful Hippie Girl"

The Nursing Home - very short - a heart warmer

The Disappearance of Uncle Bill  Ep 1- Just for fun


The Boardinghouse Episode 1- Macabre

Mary, John and the Hobo - Episode 2 of "The Boardinghouse"

The Laboratory -  A science fiction adventure. 3rd Boardinghouse episode

The Hallway - An eventful late night journey down a boardinghouse hallway.

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Monday, October 2, 2017



                  Sometimes we get a little sad, dark. It's OK.

My Peaceful Journey Home

An Old Mans Prayer

At The Mall

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Mystery of the Bean

The Mystery of the Bean

What could her “Magic” even do for the humble string bean?
But Who can fathom the skill of the Zen master?
What will she do
With that bean of a greenish hue?

It's not simply ingredients
and timing you know.
It's being one with the bean
and of mysteries unseen.

She needs no spoon
or fork to sample.
And what is that scent
with which it is laced?

I'll soon be at the table
A sniff, a taste.
Then whisked away
to a glorious, delightful unknown place.

Only Tracy the Zen Master has seen,
through the hidden window
into the mystery,
that is the bean.

Robert Palmer 11/2/2017

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New Age Meets Old Age

New Age Meets Old Age

A cloud of swarming thoughts
Gnats in sizzling summer sun
Luring, chasing

Frantic blindness
Out of control
The will to break free

Days, weeks
Months pass
Dizzying years churning
Weary in mind

Winter sun sets cold
On mystery’s endless expanse
Waiting unexplored
Life’s journey has passed

A timeless cool solitary walk
On shaded mountain path
Paper in hand, pen on the ready
Stopping, to weep write and laugh

Does creative thought not work this way?
The projector quietly hums
Guiding the hand as it records
Images seen on the screen as it runs?

How can I break free?
Away from humming swarm
To gaze into peaceful silence waiting
For new vision to be born

There’s safety here on solitary way
For the broken with trusting hand
In the shadow of the Nazarene
Through this hot and treacherous dry land

And what if while gazing
Into the silence
No vision?
No song?

Into timeless quiet
Was for now perhaps
Wisdom’s plan all along

Robert Palmer 10/25/17

Friday, August 25, 2017

Walking Home

Walking Home

Eternal souls
Strangers here we meet
Passing on this street

Silently trusting
Our paths crossing
But love quietly sleeps

With us He travels
My trappings He unravels
Pure love
Birthed beneath Bethlehem’s open skies

On this journey’s final leg
My status quo, letting go
His law of perfect liberty
Guiding my wayward proud heart

In faith I’ll walk
The way I know
He takes my blind hand
And leads me home

Robert Palmer 9/30/17

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Growing Old

Growing Old

Like ice in a tray
With the tray broken away
In the warmth of the sun

Trust it must
In the source of the warmth
As it loses
It's old rigid form

This is madness!
Cries the cube
As it drips from the table
And runs down the leg across the floor

My identity is in Question!
My future Unseen!
Yet somehow
I’m more me, than before!

But wait, there's more!
I’ve seeped into the fire
A wisp of vapor
What will come of me now?

Up through the chimney
Drifting through tall trees
Caught in an updraft
Carried away in the breeze

Will I fall as rain?
Then into the ground?
Or end up
In the depths of the blue?

Lord take all
Of the ice in my tray
And melt me all together
Unto you

Robert Palmer 9/15/17

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