Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Menu - An Eclectic Collection

That Beautiful Hippie Girl - Suspense, romance, action, Christian message

The Nursing Home - A very short story - a heart warmer

At The Mall - A poem of hope "You Are Here"

The Hallway - An eventful late night journey down a boardinghouse hallway

Mr. Smith Modern Narrative Poem with a Christian message

Mary - An adventurous and macabre love story

The "Old Man" A poem about our struggle with our own humanity

The Laboratory - Science Fiction Adventure

Ozzie - Poem with a Christian messsge with audio-video narration by Marlon Katsigazi

Young Dezzie - Before she bacame "That Beautiful Hippie Girl"

The Crutch - A short poem of Christian encouragement

The Locket - Short Poem about a lost soul, Christian

The Hand of the Nazarene - A Poem

Growing Old - A Poem of Surrender