Wednesday, November 1, 2017

An Old Man’s Prayer

An Old Man’s Prayer

So where am I now?
And where have I been
I have strayed
Over the decades, on the way

I can see the kingdom
The freedom I knew in youth
But now a rigid remnant shell
Skeletal remains of love that has passed

Law is where I live now
Unable to give
Of the life
That left me long ago

Show me Oh God, how to love again
Open my scaled, vailed eyes
Free me from this shadow
This sleep

Shake me from my foundation
This ship sunken in dark watery grave
Deep in bitter sediment
Of hope deferred

Turn me around
To see you again
In timeless splendor

In the glory of the unreachable
To me
With those you have chosen

I’ll not give up, Oh God
I’ll not bow my head
Weeping in sorrow
Over that which is not lost

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